·       The current landscape / post COVID 19 and recent developments.

·       Operational resilience post COVID 19: The imperative shift from traditional business continuity; lessons learned.

o   Organising for resilience: The key organising principles to make your business more resilient and turning these into new management practices.

o   Being a resilient organisation / organisational resilience in your business sector.

o   The historical and psychological context of organisational resilience.

·       Accelerated operational resilience across the world.

·       Why resilience matters: Understanding system complexities and likely sources of problems to determine where resilience is most needed.

·       Operational resilience, the art of extended enterprise risk management.

·       Introduction to the Resilience Spiral: The two sides of organisational resilience. 

·       Building resilience capabilities on four levels: 

o   Resilience as a strategic objective, Operational resilience, Behavioural resilience and Value chain resilience.

·       Building a resilience capability. 

o   Embedding resilience into every function: Best practice approaches to value chain, information technology and customer relationship risk management.

·       How to place resilience at the heart of what you do and future-proof your organisation; Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) and Organisational Resilience Indicators (ORI’s).

·       Overview of the elements of Organisational Resilience.

·       Introduction to the organisational resilience current state assessment tool. 

Horizon scanning: Developing a picture of your organisation’s future and your risk appetite.